“It's a big world out there.
And it’s getting smaller.”

-Leslie Lyons



The Decentralized Exchange Network (THEDEx) is a central hub for Satoshi’s vision of a peer to peer financial community.


We aim to uphold the intrinsic nature of Satoshi’s offering which was to democratize finance, broaden access to wealth, entrepreneurship and philanthropy and motivate global responsibility to one another.


As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology go mainstream, the ideology will be diluted and the space gentrified. THEDEx serves as a utility in preserving Bitcoin’s grassroots and its effects on future digital assets.


Founded by a collective of financial professionals and crypto enthusiasts, THEDEx has an established presence and base in New York City with the goal to expand across the globe. The objective of the THEDEx is to raise awareness within the general population of humanity regarding blockchain technology, digital assets and cryptocurrencies and their many possibilities for changing the future of how we relate to each other and do business.

We believe in the disruptive nature of technology and recognize that humans are currently experiencing the latest revolution which is a financial one. The creator(s) of Bitcoin were the first to acknowledge this and chose to launch the world’s first digital currency within one year of the global financial collapse in 2008.



An expert in Business Intelligence, Jenn's quest is to conquer data. She has helped companies build reporting and LTV structures that helps guide all business decisions.


A gallant of emerging markets, research and trend forecasting. He continues to build and pioneer the movement of a new asset class and technology.


Leslie Lyons is a content creator who has worked with the NY Times, VIBE Magazine, Sony Music and several emerging Fin Tech brands. Her interest in crypto assets and blockchain technology includes the opportunity for artistic freedom and control over content and the financial support that peer to peer empowerment has to offer.

Organizers of THEDEx have recognized that education is going to be key to on-boarding both consumers and investors to the blockchain space. To this end, we produced our first initiatives in 2018 to bring educators to the forefront. All events were in New York City.

The Future of Business Models (05.22.19)

Open source software is collaboratively produced, shared freely, published transparently, and developed to be a community good rather than the property or business of a single company or person.

Blockchain Crypto Summit (5.15.19)

The Blockchain Crypto Summit is where industry experts converge to educate, inform and build consensus throughout the community. It’s an opportunity for startups and established companies to seek out new opportunities and meaningful connections.

Blockchain Week Rooftop Kick-off Party

Join us in Kicking off Blockchain Week 2019 at Mykonos’ Blue Rooftop! Come and mingle with blockchain disruptors, business owners and industry leaders with complimentary food and drinks.

Past events

The Decentralized Exchange Network

Details Come and meet blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets enthusiasts at WeWork 5th Avenue. This event is for passionate blockchain individuals to connect and network amongst each other. EVENT DETAILS

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The Decentralized Exchange Network

Details The Dex first official Meetup is on October 30th! Come and meet blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets enthusiasts at WeWork Union Square. This event is for passionate blockchain individuals

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